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Disinfect Realwear

Technology businesses that have proven to be as resilient as big brands like Google and Microsoft are producing utilities that many people need for their everyday lives. One such niche is the production of realwear accessories we need when working out, tracking our eating habits, managing texts, and much more.

RealWear is a technology brand that manufactures and produces wear solutions to ease our workflow, remote visualization, IoT, and much more. These products are highly beneficial to staff who need them to enhance productivity, allow more safety, and ensure that all other connected systems are working well. This case means that RealWear is becoming increasingly more common among people. Therefore it is easy that many products are mediums for the transfer of pathogens and other contaminants.

Using Regular Disinfectants To Clean Realwear Products

Cleaning these devices with alcohol and other similar solutions takes a lot of work and precaution. You have to carefully remove casings and covers to clean them out separately, avoid using the harshest elements, and follow a method that does not expose the delicate surfaces to chemicals like bleach and chlorine.

The worst-case scenario when using these traditional cleaning products is you can easily expose the sensitive parts to damage and cause irreparable damage. Using compressed air to clean the devices is just as bad as using some of these liquid products, mainly because wearables have little tiny pieces that will break apart, malfunction, or completely shatter from the force.

Using UV Light To Clean Covid Viruses

UV light kills many germs and bacteria, including pathogens found in Covid. It is used in water treatment plants, hospitals, and everyday areas like subways, restaurants, and public parks. Statistics expect this technology to continue making its way to more industries as the cleaning products become even cheaper and easier to use.

So How Does It Work?

Studies show that UV light can kill up to 99.7% of Covid-19 pathogens in about 30 seconds. A specific range of UV wavelengths is used to disinfect surfaces from Covid causatives, which means you must not use any tool you get because not all of them will deliver excellent results. We have worked and revised our UV cleaning systems several times over and know that using a wavelength of about 207-222 is enough to kill the highest number of pathogens while not causing damage to the eyes or skin as other cleaning products or wavelengths would.

Currently, UV light rays are not limited to the healthcare industry but can be used to clean a wide array of other items like tech wearables. Much of the research has focused on which wavelength is safe to use and what kind of light is best for technology products that contact human skin.

CleanBox invested a lot of time and energy to develop these solutions, so take your time to read through all our products’ descriptions in the store to understand how each one will help your case. Feel free to contact us for consultation if you have pressing concerns.


Disinfect Realwear
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Disinfect Realwear Disinfect Realwear